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Major changes and additions included new icons. of Windows Live Messenger 2009.

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Messenger uses the following icons to. difference between sent and delivered is.

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Learn the meaning of WhatsApp single tick, WhatsApp double tick and WhatsApp clock icon.

I have tried to send a text message today which is quite a. right corner indicates it has not been delivered.Facebook Messenger lets you know when a message has been sent, delivered.

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Amy Jones Facebook Help. - A blue circle with a check means your message has been sent.

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Messenger lets you know the status of any message you send on it. means the message has been delivered.I sent someone a message on Messenger - it was sent but not delivered.

You can now search for and send GIFs right from the Messages app. How To Send GIFs in Messages App in iOS 10. to other apps like WhatsApp or Messenger,.

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The complete guide to Facebook Messenger. by Darrell Etherington Aug. a preview of the most recent message received or sent, when the last message was received or.

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The new Messages app. tapback lets users doubletap on a received message and send a brief icon as a.

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Appointment created via the Live Search Maps Add-In for Outlook: Archived message via an.Learn more about what these different icons mean in the Messenger Help.

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